2012 Posts

Hop Against Homophobia 2012 was a huge success with 275 blogs signed up. The blog posts themselves were thoughtful, inspirational, heartbreaking, thought-provoking, happy, sad, and everything in between. The bloggers put a huge amount of thought and work into these posts and we thought it would be a shame to let them drown in the sea of blogs to come, so we decided to gather them here.

If you don't want your entry listed here, please let us know. The same goes if your post isn't listed here (we searched every blog, but couldn't find a hop entry on some).

These are direct links to the HAH 2012 posts, in alphabetical order:

A T Weaver
A.J. Marcus
A.M. Burns
A.J. Jarrett
AJ's Reading Nook
Alex Kidwell & Robin Saxon
Alix Bekins
Ally Blue
Amanda Corlies
Amber Quill Press LLC
Amy Lane
Andi Anderson
Andi Lea
Andrea Speed
Angel Martinez
Angela S. Stone
Anna Lee
Anne Barwell
Anne Brooke
Ariel Tachna
Arshad Ahsanuddin
Avril Ashton

B. Snow
B.G. Thomas
B.A. Tortuga
Barbara Elsborg
Barbara G.Tarn  
Barry Brennessel
Becky Condit
Beth D. Carter  
Blackraven Erotic Cafe
Blackravens Reviews
Blaine D. Arden
Books Make Me Happy
Breathless Press  
Brenda Cothern Books
Brief Encounters Reviews

Caethes Faron  
Caitlin Ricci  
Caroline Stephens
Carolyn Gray
Charleigh King  
Charlie Cochet
Charlie Cochrane
Cherie Noel
Chicks and Dicks
Chris P. Rolls  
Connor Wright
CR Guiliano  
Cryselle's Bookshelf

Dakota Trace
Dani Alexander - day 2 - day 3 - day 4
Dark Divas Reviews
Dark Haven Book Reviews
David L Dawson  
Dawn K. Johnson
Dawn Roberto - part 2
DC Juris
Denise DeSio  
Devon Rhodes
Diana DeRicci
Dianne Hartsock
Dilo Keith
Dustin Adrian Rhodes

Eden Winters - part 2
Elin Gregory
Elizabeth Kirke  
Elizabeth Lister
Elizabeth Noble
Ellis Carrington
Em Woods
Embry Carlysle - part 2 - part 3 - part 4
Erica Pike
Evelyn Shepherd

Frances Stockton  
Full Moon Bites

Gale Stanley  
Guilty Indulgence Review Site - day 2 - day 3 - day 4
Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

H.A Caine
H.B. Pattskyn - day 2 - day 3 - day 4
H.L. Holston
Harper Kingsley  
Hayley B. James
Hearts On Fire Reviews
Hunter Raines

In Memory of William Neale

J.P. Bowie
J. Lannan  
J.P. Barnaby
J.A. Rock
J.R. Loveless
Jaime Samms
Jambrea Jo Jones
Jenna Jones
Jeremy Pack  
Jessica Freely
Jessica Lee
Jessica Scott  
Jessie Lansdel
JL Merrow
John Goode
Joyfully Jay
Jude Mason  
Julie Bozza  
Julie Lynn Hayes

K.M. Mahoney
K.Z. Snow
Kaje Harper
Kalita Kasar
Karenna Colcroft
Kari Gregg
Kate Hill
Katey Hawthorne
Kathleen Hayes
Kathy's Library
Kayelle Allen
Kayla Jameth
KC Burn
Kendall McKenna  
Kerry Freeman
Kerry Sullivan
Keta Diablo
Kharisma Rhayne
Kim Fielding  
Kimberly @ Turning The Pages 
Kirby Crow - part 2
Kit Sands
K-Lee Klein 
Kool Queer Lit
KT Grant  

L.A. Witt
L.J. LaBarthe  
L.C. Chase
L.E. Harner - part 2
L.M. Brown
Lara Brukz 
Lavinia Lewis
Leontine's Book Realm
Leslie Lee Sanders  
Less Than Three Press
Lily Sawyer
Lisabet Sarai  
Lissa Matthews
Lori Toland
Lou Sylvre  
Louisa Bacio
Lula Lisbon  
Lynn Hagen  

M.L. Rhodes
M.R. Gott
M.A. Church
Manifold Press  
Marguerite Labbe
Marie Dees
Marie Sexton
Mary Calmes
Matt and Brad
Matthew Lang - post 2
M-C. Houle  
Megan Derr
Megan Slayer
Michael Mandrake
Michele L. Montgomery  
Miho Li
Missy Welsh

N.R. Walker  
Nastasha LaBrake
NJ Nielsen

Pants Off Reviews
P.D. Singer
Penny Brandon 
Pia Veleno
Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea 
Poppy Dennison 

R.A. Padmos  
Ranae Rose  
Randy‘s Book Bag Reviews
Rarely Dusty Books
Red Haircrow  
Reviews by Jessewave  
Rhianon Etzweiler
Rhys Ford  
Rick R. Reed
Riverina Romantics (INT)  
RJ Scott
Rowan McBride
Ryan Loveless  

S. L. Danielson
S.A. McAuley
S.A. Reid
S.J. Frost
S.L. Armstrong
Sally Bibrary  
Saloni Quinby
Samantha Derr
Sara York - post 1 - post 2
Sarah Madison  
Sasha Conte  
Sasha L. Miller
Scarlet Hyacinth
Sean Michael  
Sessha Batto
Sex Scheming Geniuses  
Shadow Sterling - part 2
Shae Connor - part 2
Shira Anthony - day 2 - day 3
SJD Peterson
Sloan Parker
Speak Its Name
Stephani Hecht
Stevie Woods
Storm Moon Press
Stormy Glenn
Sue Brown
Sue K.
Sue Roebuck
Sui Lynn
Suzanne van Rooyen

T.A. Chase
Tam Ames 
Tami Veldura
Tana (M/M Romance Reviews)
Tara Lain
The Book Bunnies  
The Jeep Diva  
The Novel Approach  
The Readers Roundtable After Dark
The Story Orgy  
Tibby Armstrong  
TL James  
Top2Bottom Reviews
Turning The Pages  
TWLIB Reviews

Under the Covers Book Blog  

Vicktor Alexander - day 2 - day 3 - day 4
Viki Lyn
Violet Hilton
Vona Logan - part 2

Wade Kelly  
Well Read
West Thornhill - day 2 - day 3 - day 4
Winona Wilder  

Xara X. Xanakas - part 2

Z.A. Maxfield  
Zach Sweets
Zahra Owens
Zathyn Priest