Thursday, May 24, 2012

After-Hop Post 1 of 2

We want to thank everyone who signed up and posted their messages about homophobia and transphobia. The posts were mind-blowing and we think it would be a shame for them to pop down the list as time goes by, so we're working on a separate page on this blog with a direct link to every message*. We're also pulling out quotations from some of the posts**.

During this hop, we (the organizers) experienced this wonderful feeling of closeness in our colleges for four days. It felt amazing. The M/M writing community really did band together and stood strong, and therefor we feel that both objectives were reached: to spread awareness of homophobic discrimination and to stand together as a community of M/M writers, reviewers, publishers (and readers!).

We also want to thank the visitors for stopping by. Not only did they show interest and get involved, but their points of view, opinions, and encouragement were extremely thought-provoking and often heartfelt.

Thanks everyone for a very successful hop. We hope to see every last one of you next year :)

- Hop Organizers

*If someone doesn't want their message on the page, please let us know and we'll remove it.
**Again, if someone doesn't want their quote up, please let us know.


  1. It was utterly marvellous - thank you so much, Erica!


  2. Thank you for organising it. I really enjoyed reading all the posts and felt that in a lot of ways it was quite educating too.